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Manjaro-architect 0.8.11
« am: 19. Mai 2017, 01:39:07 »
Chrysostomus - Maintainer

Manjaro-architect installer got updated to next version in unstable and testing. There are some minor bug fixes and one major feature addition: in UEFI installation more bootloaders are supported.

        Requires you to have your ESP mounted to /boot, because it can only boot things
        that are on the same ESP as it. This also means that /boot cannot be encrypted.
        May fail if encrypted root is on a removable device
        The installer creates boot entries for all installed kernels and windows (if present),
        but otherwise this bootloader is very much not automated.

        Graphical boot menu
        Detects all bootable UEFI applications at boot time, which means Windows, other
        bootloaders and linux kernels
        Can be used as standalone bootloader or in conjunction with others
        cannot boot kernels from encrypted /boot partition with the automatic detection
        (default that is used by installer). If you want to use encryption, you should either
        mount ESP to /boot or use manual boot stanzas.

        works for everything like before
        if installation root is on btrfs subvolume, the installer automatically uses grub-btrfs.
        This lets you easily boot into the snapshots of your root subvolume for system rescue
        purposes. Just run update-grub after taking a snapshot.

All bootloaders have been tested to also work with btrfs subvolume root. Please test the new bootloaders, especially with encryption, so we can further improve the installer.

If you want a bootloader that just works, grub is currently the easiest and most polished option. Refind is the prettiest and has some unique advantages. Systemd-boot is simplest and fastest (note that simple =/= easy).

Happy testing!
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