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Titel: [stable] LXQt 16.04 "dark" released
Beitrag von: virtual-dev am 28. April 2016, 02:09:26
Manjaro-Lxqt "dark" 16.04 released

The team Manjaro LXQt is pleased to announce its last Community Edition. This version follows the one described Here ( , and is always at the same time complete and ready to use for all typical everyday office- and multimedia-needs.

It uses the new dark style Kwantum to reduce eyestrain, the stable Manjaro repositories, the latest Manjaro-tools, and is therefore maintained.


Clean :

* this nice wallpaper is a photo (unchanged) taken by fir0002 | fir0002 |

Dirty :

Main programs

- kernel 4.4.8 LTS, Manjaro settings manager, sddm, plymouth, octopi, compton, plank, redshift
- pcmanfm-qt, gimp, lximage-qt
- firefox, hexchat, transmission-qt
- abiword, qpdfview, gnumeric(64), juffed (advanced text editor)
- mpv, smplayer(mpv based), clementine qt5. 32 -> qastools, 64 -> pulseaudio and pavucontrol
- gparted, qisousb, lxtask, xsensors
- multilib enabled (64)
- ffmpegthumbnailer (for video preview)
- capture tool + key Print Screen configured for taking screenshots (also with Alt or Shift)
- xscreensaver (64) or i3lock (32)
- nonfree drivers (64)

This release comes with our advanced graphical installer Calamares as well as our CLI-installer.

Downloads (


Some programs are included but not enabled by default at start  : plank, redshift, qlipper, xscreensaver
Titel: Re: [stable] LXQt 16.04 "dark" released
Beitrag von: GypsyWolve am 28. April 2016, 07:26:02
Dies war nun die dritte Variante. Im Gegensatz zu den anderen klappte sie in der VBox.

Bei den beiden angesprochenen sah ich zwar das panel, aber die Schrift net, ala schwarz auf schwarz.  Blindes klicken war machbar, ein aendern war nicht machbar.

Ist auf jedenfall lohnenswert


Edit: Das Einzige was stoert ist systemd, aber da gibts ja nen Weg...............