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Titel: [Testing Update] 2019-08-04 - XFCE, KDE-Git, Calamares, Manjaro 18.1-rc7
Beitrag von: Linu74 am 04. August 2019, 10:58:13
Hello community,

I am happy to announce another Testing Update. Mostly we have XFCE, Calamares, KDE-Git and Manjaro-Tools updates with this one.

For more information about our new Calamares module, go to Forbes. More information about the FreeOffice and Snaps topic you can listen to in our latest interview.

Update news

This update holds the following changes:

XFCE got updated to its latest git-snapshots
We worked with upstream on a new package-selction-tool for Calamares
Latest upstream updates
Latest efforts by KDE can be reviewed via our current KDE-Dev ISO or current KDE-Vanilla ISO
Manjaro Juhraya ISOs got updated, including flatpak and snap support pre-activated. Office can be selected during installation between libreoffice-still or freeoffice: XFCE, KDE, Gnome
Give us the usual feedback and let us know what you think about this update.

Current supported Kernels

linux316 3.16.70
linux44 4.4.186 (no legacy nvidia-340 module!)
linux49 4.9.186
linux414 4.14.135
linux419 4.19.63
linux51 5.1.21 [EOL]
linux52 5.2.5 (no catalyst module!)
linux53 5.3-rc2 (not all modules build yet!)
linux419-rt 4.19.50_rt22
linux50-rt 5.0.21_rt16
Package Updates (Sun Aug 4 07:33:05 CEST 2019)

testing community x86_64: 104 new and 101 removed package(s)
testing extra x86_64: 25 new and 25 removed package(s)
testing multilib x86_64: 2 new and 2 removed package(s)

Quelle & weitere Infos (