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[Update] Pale Moon: Release notes 27.3.0 (2017-04-28)
« am: 28. April 2017, 15:54:57 »
Pale Moon: Release notes

27.3.0 (2017-04-28)

A major development update. Many things have changed in the media back-end, but please understand that some things are still a work in progress, and you may still encounter some html5 video playback issues with MSE.


    Fixed up, checked and enabled vertical text writing modes!
    Pale Moon will now be able to display vertical, right-to-left script.
    Added the option to reset non-default profiles.
    Fixed various issues in the WebP image decoder.
    Added internally-supported document types to allowed <embed> types.
    Fixed locale selection in ICU after update to ICU58.
    (Note: Pale Moon uses the system locale for date formatting, not the browser locale)
    Re-implemented the previous spellchecker dictionary logic (allow user override of document/element language, improve logic and make it unambiguous).
    Ongoing fixes for the MP4 parser and MSE.
    Made HTML Media Elements' preload attribute MSE-spec compliant.
    The preload attribute on HTML media elements is now ignored in the case of an MSE source. This prevents an issue with sourceopen not firing when preload="none".
    Fixed some issues with Windows WMF media playback.
    Fixed an issue with Synced preferences sometimes overwriting stored individual preferences.
    Fixed display of RSS folder icons.
    Fixed issues with custom context menus.
    Fixed an issue importing bookmarks with separators losing their extra data.
    Changed the way numeric addresses are handled in the address bar so it doesn't perform a search when it shouldn't.
    Added an option (browser.sessionstore.cache_behavior) to control from which source restored tabs pull their page content:
    0 = load restored tab data from cache (current behavior, default)
    1 = refresh restored tab data from the network
    2 = refresh stored tab data from the network and bypass any cached data.
    Improved upon a v27 performance regression with SVG scaling.
    Improved performance by being more selective which CSS animations to process.
    As a side-effect, elements changing their display from "none" to something visible now also animate.
    Increased memory allocation for the use of very large PAC files.
    Added menu entries for the permissions manager and improvements to its function and display.
    Added preferences to control "highlight all" behavior of the find bar:
    accessibility.typeaheadfind.highlightallbydefault = true/false highlight all found words by default.
    accessibility.typeaheadfind.highlightallremember = true/false remember the last-used state of Highlight All.
    Added devtools command-line options.
    Added remote IP and protocol to Devtools->Network entry details.
    Added support for <details> and <summary> HTML tags.
    Fixed a regression in the MSIE profile migrator.
    Removed migration of browser-specific settings when migrating data from IE/Safari.
    Implemented optional parameters for permessage-deflate in preparation for RFC7692 errata making acceptance of them mandatory (and to prevent web compat issues doe to the current conflicting text of it).
    Made the image document favicon skinnable.
    Aligned DOM selection addRange with the spec.
    Exposed mozAnon constructor js binding to system scopes for XHR.
    Enhanced form data handling from JavaScript.

Security/privacy changes:

    Updated NSS to 3.28.4-RTM to address a number of issues.
    Added support for RSA-AES(-GCM)-SHA256/384 suites to broaden compatibility.
    Reconfigured networking security: disabled static DHE suites by default, enabled all RSA-AES(-GCM)-SHA256/384 suites in their stead.
    Fixed referrer policy keyword to align with the current spec ("cross-origin" vs "crossorigin").
    Added an option to display punycode domain for IDN websites to combat phishing.
    This is enabled by default for domain-validated https sites.
    Preference: browser.identity.display_punycode
    0 = Display IDN name in identity panel (previous behavior)
    1 = Display punycode name for DV SSL domains (default)
    2 = Also display punycode for HTTP sites if IDN name used
    Fixed an issue to prevent contacting remote servers when a connection might get blocked.
    Fixed 3 public security flaws in libevent, which may affect Mozilla-based products. DiD
    Fixed several memory- and thread-safety hazards.
    Fixed an address bar spoofing issue. (CVE-2017-5451)
    Fixed a potentially exploitable crash with HTTP/2. (CVE-2017-5446)
    Fixed several security hazards in XSLT processing. (CVE-2017-5438) (CVE-2017-5439) (CVE-2017-5440)
    Fixed several security hazards in old protocols. (CVE-2017-5444) (CVE-2017-5445)
    Fixed out-of-bounds access in text formatting. (CVE-2017-5447)
    Fixed a potentially exploitable issue with innerText. (CVE-2017-5442)
    Fixed a potentially exploitable issue in graphite font shaping.
    Fixed a potentially exploitable crash with credential-authentication.
    Fixed out-of-bounds access with text selection in rare cases.
    Fixed a security hazard in the ANGLE library.

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Re: [Update] Pale Moon: Release notes 27.3.0 (2017-04-28)
« Antwort #1 am: 28. April 2017, 19:02:15 »
Erledigt - Version: 27.3.0 (64-bit)  ;)
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Re: [Update] Pale Moon: Release notes 27.3.0 (2017-04-28)
« Antwort #2 am: 29. April 2017, 14:00:09 »
Habe es auch erledigt, die Änderungsliste ist ja erstaunlich lang.

1. Neuer Installer
2. Ein neuer Eintrag Berechtigung im Menue.

Ich empfehle diese Einstellungen auf jeden Fall zu kontrollieren.
Am Besten mal alle Einstellungen durch gehen, bei mir waren
manche wieder auf default.

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Re: [Update] Pale Moon: Release notes 27.3.0 (2017-04-28)
« Antwort #3 am: 02. Mai 2017, 12:17:10 »
Stimmt, das mit cookies usw. musste ich auch neu einstellen,
teilweise zumindest. Ansonsten wie immer super der Palemoon.
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Re: [Update] Pale Moon: Release notes 27.3.0 (2017-04-28)
« Antwort #4 am: 02. Mai 2017, 14:21:31 »
ACK, gut wie immer.