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Es gibt ein neues Stable Update.
Kernel, KDE Plamsa, Gnome, usw.

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philm - Manjaro Team

Hi community,

Welcome to another stable update. This is again a huge one and we recommend to do
it within a TTY via pamac upgrade or sudo pacman -Syyu.

So what do we have with this one?

    We updated most of our Kernels
    Worked on a regression with Virtualbox and Pamac
    Thunderbird is now at 60.3.2
    Texlive got newer packages and regular package-cleanups were done
    We updated Mesa to 18.2.6
    Firefox is now at its 14th beta release of v64 development series
    We updated Plasma to 5.14.4
    Newer packages got added to Cinnamon, Gnome, Deepin and XFCE
    Vulkan got a refresh
    We updated Systemd to it’s latest stable-snapshot.
    The linux-firmware got updated to 20181026.1cb4e51-1
    Nvidia driver got updated again to 415.18
    Lots of python and haskell updates. Most packages are rebuilds due to the BUILDINFO rebuild

We hope with all these changes Manjaro to be more efficient for you all.

Current supported Kernels

    linux316 3.16.61
    linux318 3.18.128 [EOL]
    linux44 4.4.166
    linux49 4.9.142
    linux414 4.14.85
    linux417 4.17.19 [EOL]
    linux418 4.18.20 [EOL]
    linux419 4.19.6
    linux414-rt 4.14.78_rt47
    linux416-rt 4.16.18_rt11
    linux418-rt 4.18.16_rt9

Sync Package Updates (Sun Dec 2 08:47:30 CET 2018)

    stable community x86_64: 1620 new and 1568 removed package(s)
    stable core x86_64: 43 new and 45 removed package(s)
    stable extra x86_64: 722 new and 871 removed package(s)
    stable multilib x86_64: 97 new and 101 removed package(s)

A detailed list of all changes can be found here
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