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Hello community,

I am happy to announce another Testing Update.

Snaps on Linux | Snapcraft Install, Configuration, and Usage
Some might noticed that since the #snapcraftsummit 3 a lot of package changes went into Manjaro and our available RCs. Also we didn't yet announce 18.1.0-rc2 officially yet. We are still polishing the snap experience for our users. XFCE and Gnome will come with snap-store snap pre-installed and our KDE edition has Discover with snap support enabled. This way everybody can easily access the snap store 19 by a click and don't has to hassle to get snaps enabled. This enables us to ship even more proprietary software, which we couldn't before. For example check out on how you may install Spotify 7 on Manjaro.

This update holds the following changes:

apparmor got his own profiles package, which ships those in complain mode. This should fix issues with smbd
Kodi got updated to 18.3
small fixes to Pamac 8.0-rc2
updates to XFCE 4.14
Manjaro Juhraya ISOs got updated, including snap support pre-activated: XFCE 6, KDE 11, Gnome 1
Give us the usual feedback and let us know what you think about this update.

Quelle & weitere Infos

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