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Pale Moon: Release notes v28.6.0.1 (2019-07-04)
« am: 05. Juli 2019, 06:54:17 »
Pale Moon: Release notes

v28.6.0.1 (2019-07-04)

This is an out-of-band update to fix some pressing issues with the latest release.


    Updated the application icon to provide better visuals on Windows classic and other
    grey backgrounds.
    Reduced the Master Password hashing rounds to prevent issues with stored password
    retrieval while still sufficiently strengthening the encryption.
    If you have previously re-keyed the database after the update to 28.6.0, you should
    do so again by going through the change master password process to reduce access times.
    Updated the WhatsApp Web site-specific user-agent override to respond to Google
    refusing access based on the old string.
    Updated the branding for the portable launcher.
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