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philm - Manjaro Team

Hello community,

I am happy to announce another Stable Update. Mostly we have Manjaro 18.1-rc10, Nvidia and KDE updates

Update news

This update holds the following changes:

    Manjaro 18.1-rc10 got released. Please test and give us feedback.
    Most of our Kernels got updated. Note that linux50-rt got dropped and RT-Kernel 5.2 series added
    Nvidia drivers got extended to 418xx, 430xx and 435xx series
    Mesa is now at 19.1.5
    OnlyOffice got added by the community. Find out more here
    Palemoon is now at 28.7.0
    KDE-dev package updates to reflect the lates changes made by the KDE Dev-Team.
    KDE Frameworks ships in version 5.61
    First release of KDE Apps 19.08 series
    Fixes to our tools and Calamares
    cdemu is now at 3.2.3
    Updates to Vulkan and AMD Vulkan drivers
    Thunderbird is now at 68 series. Read the troubleshoot guide for issues you may have with your beloved extensions
    XFCE packages got renewed. We also added some meta-transition packages, which drop our gtk3-builds.
    LibreOffice is now at 6.3.0 and 6.2.6
    Nvidia is now at 435.21. For GPU offload instructions, please see here.
    Haskell and Firefox got updated to their latest releases
    VIM got newer spell-check packages
    Updates to certbot and our steam clients
    Systemd got some fixes for dbus
    The usual upstream updates including python and perl
    Latest efforts by KDE can be reviewed via our current KDE-Dev ISO or current KDE-Vanilla ISO
    Manjaro Juhraya ISOs got updated, including flatpak and snap support pre-activated. Office can
    be selected during installation
    between libreoffice-still or freeoffice: XFCE, KDE,Gnome.

Give us the usual feedback and let us know what you think about this update.

Current supported Kernels

    linux316 3.16.73
    linux44 4.4.190 (no legacy nvidia-340 module!)
    linux49 4.9.190
    linux414 4.14.141
    linux419 4.19.69
    linux51 5.1.21 [EOL]
    linux52 5.2.11 (no catalyst module!)
    linux53 5.3-rc7 (not all modules build yet!)
    linux419-rt 4.19.50_rt22
    linux52-rt 5.2.10_rt5-1

Package Updates (Tue Sep 3 01:21:53 CEST 2019)

    stable community x86_64: 1720 new and 1737 removed package(s)
    stable core x86_64: 56 new and 59 removed package(s)
    stable extra x86_64: 1149 new and 1168 removed package(s)
    stable multilib x86_64: 42 new and 39 removed package(s)

A list of all package changes can be found here